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Hey June!
Thursday, June 2, 2011 10:26 PM
Hollaaa! its the month of June already! and fret not! I am definitely making full use of my time left here in Melbourne (tho i'm pretty excited to be back in KL as well).

This semester, I've been taking up electives like Film Studies and other Advertising units that requires creativity and what not. I must say, my love for Art has indeed been revived after 3 long years of only studying business theories. I'm not implying that it is bad studying business units, just that the mind in some ways can't really think out of the box anymore; because of the rigid ways of relying so much on textbooks and ample of lecture notes. The way of learning communication units are just different. You can EXPRESS yourself in every way and be open to all kinds of perspectives. You can definitely BE YOURSELF! The lecturer always tells us that 'THERE IS NO WRONG OR RIGHT ANSWER'. It is just your opinion and how you see things. Probably that's why I got a little too expressive this semester as well.


I blame Education! LOL ! I kid.

For weeks/days now I've been listening to my friends talking about doing a professional short film for their University film making course ( DUDE! I know right..so cool! ) and they needed Extras for their film. I was glad enough to participate when they asked because firstly, I enjoy the making of a film (hard work-salute!) and secondly, I want to be a supportive friend as well ('Kay Po' actually, meaning being nosy).

I was one of the extras in the church scene. My role was to be the audience when the Pastor (lead actor) doing his preaching thing. Oh yea..if you're thinking that the film is a serious one, it really is not. It is of a comedy genre! (whoa El, using film studies terms). HAAHA! I'm not gonna be a spoiler for the film tho since it is still in filming progress.

Check out the pictures yo!

Religious Centre, Clayton Campus.
Pretty isn't it?

Camera man doing his thing.
Blonde haired girl - Lead Actress. She's pretty la but she has a diva-liked attitude. Or maybe she's just a particular person?

My dear Lilian handling her lighting prop! :)


When we were having a short break then, SG took me into a quiet Chapel. It was so warm and nice (smells good too). We sneak in like a sneaky rat. hahaaa

Please forgive me for all my sins.
I should start being religious.


SG and I

My other friend Sarah (girl in caramel jacket) who is part of the production as well.

Hardworking Lillian :) hehe

Once I'm done with the short shooting, went for lunch with my friends (Sarah, SG, Lilian, Ivan and Tim). Had Nasi Lemak! ohh the sambal was pretty good.
Went back alone to Berwick after that..

Things that i pass by everyday in my Lil Berwick

Lots of grasses and PINK coloured love birds!
Definitely a place to chill and relax.

A wide and spacious environment. Clear blue sky!

The pathway that I use almost everyday to get to Uni.

and since it's the beginning of June, you would expect something like this in your letterbox!
Time to pay your MONTHLY RENT!

Money..money..moneyy.. Life.

Lastly, my very out of place picture. I tried to give a summery feel to it manually. Didn't quite work out. Still a good picture of me tho. HAHAH!
Yes, very shameless.

Study Smart Peeps!

Living For The Moment
Monday, May 30, 2011 3:35 AM
Hellooo Everyone!!

errr..... *silence*

Well, I figured I probably do not have a single reader at this moment. Sad but True. The reason is quite obvious: the inconsistency with blog post updates and most likely my uninteresting blog posts. Please forgive me for my lack of enthusiasm :) hahaha.. I only blog according to my mood and that would be, say once in a month? or maybe once in 3 months? :D Anyways, today is where the "MOOD" for blogging finally strikes me.

Being in my last semester of my university life in Melbourne, I of course took the opportunity to really enjoy myself as a student. Most importantly, I have a couple of awesome friends that do share and make this experience so much more memorable for me. I too came to realized that a friend can seriously either make you or BREAK you. Thus, at the end of the day - just be genuine to who you are as an individual.

HEHE! Moving on...I've been such a fan of brunch places in Melbourne and one of my brunch place for today was Mart 130 Cafe.

The front view of Mart 130 Cafe. I didn't know it was just side by side to the tram tracks. Super cool.

The friends that I had my usual brunch with was:
Joanne Tye
Sarah Wong
and a new friend -Jocelin (not sure if I had spelt that right)

FOODgasm time!

Most of us had Chai Soy + Honey Latte. Gosh it was so good!

I forgot what was this. I presume it was a coffee? :P

I'll let the trail of food pictures do the talking.

Left: Joanne and Jocelin (new friend)

Left: Sarah and I !

There are 3 things that we usually do when us girls gather for brunch like this:

1) Take lots and lots of PICTURES (don't judge man! we're accumulating memories)

2) Day dream - hopes of being a rich and classy housewife. In chinese we call it 'Tai Tai' (we hardly gossip mkay, we talk mostly about our future TQ)

3) We LAUGH out LOUD! (That's just us being carefree and happy-go-lucky)

We are a bunch of expressive individuals. :)

NEXT! my favourite dessert! FROYO (Frozen Yogurt)

Joanne was the only one who doesn't enjoy Froyo (missing out- tsk tsk tsk). She rather text her way through!

Noisy Sarah! who never fails to give me BAD publicity.

LATER: we went for some window shopping.
I bought some cosmetics from Sportsgirl. I guess I feel for a need to spend some money (so unnecessary really)

Tried on the baby pink lipstick. Hmm.. hardly ever wear lipstick but I always think that i might when i start working. Being a corporate slaveee.

The lipstick felt a little dry tho, not as creamy as the lipstick i got from NYX :) awesomeness. Really.

Tried this new liquid liner not too long ago. I think i found a new BFF for liners :)
Works greatt.. !

and lastly,


No reason for this picture.

I just think I look nice here. Can or not? heeehh..

- XoXo -

Have an awesome day ya''ll!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Every step together :)
Friday, August 6, 2010 3:03 AM
To think about it, I've really did experience a lot during my first semester here in Australia and I'm slowly moving towards my second semester. It's really such a relief whenever I think about how fortunate I am to be given an opportunity to study abroad and also be able know a bunch of friends from different parts of the world- so different yet so similar :) I was pondering over a handful of pictures and I'm thinking..these are the people that I've been staying with for an entire semester, which makes up to a whole full 4 months! That's just mind-bogging. Thus, here are some pictures that I have in which would be able to make a summary of my first semester here in Melbourne :)

My stay in Monash Berwick on campus accomodation. :)
No regrets there!

One of the very first moments we gather and got to know each other more.

Singing game with the lovely Sharon :) who happens to be one of my dinner mates! Never fail to back me up whenever her man, Mr.John Ku bullies me :D
I really like you two being a couple :) Really.

Ivan and Hing Kai who happens to be like my Brothers here :) Ever so caring.
Looking good, posing in front of my door step.

One of the few girlies that I happen to know when I just reach.
Priscilla (middle) and Joanne the sor poh (right)

Excited being in Melbourne Central!

Trip to Strawberry farm :)
Stanley the 'God', so to speak.
A good student (HDs), a Sporting person , a good cook and most importantly, a helpful and thoughtful friend that anyone can have:)

First ever Footy match!

Boxing! woohoo!

Toga Party with the love Michelle Kuak!
I should spend more time with you here considering you've been the one encouraging me and assisting me with my transfer here in Berwick. Something that I know I haven't been doing.
Glad that Multicultural Week was a success !
To me, You are PERFECT! definitely.

More of Toga party
Left: Jono, Me, Hyewon my babe and Dino the bossy!

YoonJoo's trademark!

St.Kilda when Ka Peng came to visit :)

My Birthday drinking session X)
With Matthew and the drunk Wen Khai!

Karaoke Competition!
Came in 3rd place
Don't know how that happen.

Limousine experience on Mich's Birthday.
Thanks to Hann Sze.

With Jono, the future SA representative tennis player!
This guy here got nice legs! body as well! LOL
Not even kidding.

Hyewon darling :)
My girlfriend on facebook! hahaha
Hope that things will always be smooth sailing for you, though a lil bumps will sometimes come as an unforgettable lesson worth experiencing.
Cheer up girl and always remember that you are not alone.

Love you Linda Cable and Hye Won! my two crazee Beeeyotchhhhh!

Moomba Festival.

And lastly,
to you Wen Khai....
Words cant really explain the friendship that we've built in this short period of time.
I just know for sure that whenever I am at my lowest, somehow you would just catch me and pull me up back again.
No one deserves you because honestly, you're just too good :)

Hope you guys enjoyed my post:)
LOOK! I drew my own Henna !



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